About Me

I am a Game Designer from Ontario, current Ubisoft employee, and recent graduate of Sheridan College. I have a passion for developing unconventional mechanics, designing clever levels, and creating emotional experiences.


I aspire to innovate, and help move the medium of games forward.

Games are a powerful art, and I hope to use that power to create positive experiences, and make the world a little bit better.

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Professional Experience

Ubisoft Toronto -- Level Designer, Far Cry 6

June 2019 - Present

I am currently designing levels for Far Cry 6! I can't say much more than that, since I am under NDA, but as soon as it is lifted, I will have lots to talk about. Feel free to contact me and I will share what I can.

Behaviour Interactive -- Game Designer, May - August 2018

An internship I took in my third year of college, where I prototyped and designed elements of mobile titles. Again, NDA and unannounced, but feel free to contact me for more details.

The backwards FPS
Behaviour's Website
Jump on buildings to avoid the flood

1st Place -- Ubisoft Toronto NEXT Level Design 2019

A student competition held by Ubisoft Toronto. I won first place, which earned me my job there



A first person shooter where you can only shoot backwards

Backfire was played enthusiastically at EGLX, October 2018 

The backwards FPS
Jump on buildings to avoid the flood


A massively-multiplayer free-for-all with dynamic levels

After winning Sheridan College's Sprint Week Game Jam, Catastrophe was playable at Level Up Showcase 2017

Level Up.png


One clever dual-purpose mechanic and its puzzle potential

SwapBox was showcased at ImagineNative's iNdigital Space

in 2018

Tiptoe around cats in this experimental platformer


Draw your own fighter in this physics-based brawl

Brawlygons was showcased at ImagineNative's iNdigital Space

in 2018